Thank you for your message, Angela. I’m looking forward to reading your article. You bring up some really interesting points. I really like your observation that there is a difference between working for a tech company vs. working in tech for a non-tech company (how I interpreted it). In the end, I know my area of focus (documentation, communication, usability) is going to be relevant and necessary regardless of the company, but I hope I can continue to intersect with technology in some way. That’s my fire! Also, in response to resumes not passing screeners, this is another huge pet peeve of mine that I could discuss at length. Black hole, robotic recruiting looking for buzz and/or keywords instead of looking at the person. It’s the worst! Anyway, thank you very much for your encouraging words.

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BA, MATC. Technical and business writer, adjunct instructor, usability nerd, extroverted-introvert, occasional poet, autodidact, Idaho native. @rachaelrenk.

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