So many of your words echoed things that I have felt and not known how to describe for years. I look back at myself as a young teenager and I feel completely betrayed by the adults in my life for not trying to save me from much older, controlling, abusive men. They chose the path of least resistance and as an ill-equipped child, I was the one who was damaged because of it. Now as an adult I’ve just barely begun trying to unpack my experiences, and every time I have tried to start talking about it with those adults, I feel completely dismissed. Like it “wasn’t a big deal”. It is a huge disservice to look the other way when it comes to these “relationships”. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps me to know that I am not alone.

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BA, MATC. Technical and business writer, adjunct instructor, usability nerd, extroverted-introvert, occasional poet, autodidact, Idaho native. @rachaelrenk.

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