I was also homeschooled until 10th grade (then I attended public high school for a semester). I opened up your article expecting to be pained by another homeschooling horror story, but I wasn’t — and I appreciate your perspective. This in particular resonates with me. I loved being homeschooled, but for me it wasn’t always idyllic and perfect. Perhaps this says more about my relationship with my parents than it does about homeschooling, but your experience has made me appreciative of some of the more rough and raw moments of my childhood and early teenage years. Dear lord, I was such a rebellious teenager! At the time it sucked, but looking back I’m glad my parents allowed me the space to go through that phase. Thanks for sharing your story. I think it’s important for parents considering home education. I don’t think that they should write it off, but be cautioned against going into it expecting to make a perfect, sheltered life for a perfect child.

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BA, MATC. Technical and business writer, adjunct instructor, usability nerd, extroverted-introvert, occasional poet, autodidact, Idaho native. @rachaelrenk.

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