Hi Shredinger — thank you so much for your comment. You touch on a super important piece of the puzzle, which is not just gender but cultural, class, and economical factors. I remember falling asleep in my freshman math class at the computer during lab time. It was super embarrassing. I worked three part-time jobs. I failed another class that semester because there was a required assignment that involved attending a campus event outside of class hours, but I couldn’t miss work. I don’t mean that as a woe-is-me story or even as an excuse, but it gives me a little insight into the challenges that someone might face without the privileges I was afford as a white, lower-middle-class kid. That’s why I think support for the next generation also must go hand-in-hand with accessibility. Support is all well and fine, but kids need access to it. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your insight.

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BA, MATC. Technical and business writer, adjunct instructor, usability nerd, extroverted-introvert, occasional poet, autodidact, Idaho native. @rachaelrenk.

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